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As we entered the cooler months of the year, we were delighted to celebrate OverJar's one year anniversary with our customers and staff alike. Our birthday month, October, gave us the opportunity to reflect upon a tremendously successful first year of innovative dishes, high standards, and fun with our team. With three amazing locations, The Avenues Mall, Opera House, and The View Mall, plus one more on the way, we really had a lot to celebrate.

To honor our first year, we launched a series of new dishes to the delight of our loyal customers. After many yummy tasting sessions with customers who won their place through a competition, we then held a chocolate lathered photoshoot and introduced the new items every Thursday from the beginning of October right up to the end of the year.

We selected a number of dishes and ran several engaging competitions to name the new items which gave us a huge boost in the general brand awareness of OverJar.

The new menu includes these scrumptious delights:

1- Birthday Cookie Skillet

2- Cerelac Bomb

3- Dragon Stone - Funnel Cake

4- Salt Cave - Caramel Memories

5- All new Fruit Crepe, Waffle, and Pancakes

6- All new Pistachio Crepe, Waffle, and Pancakes

7- Arabic Coffee Dallah introduction

...... and lots more to come

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